Knole is one of England’s most important, complete, yet fragile historic houses, set at the heart of Kent’s last remaining medieval deer park. One-time palace to archbishops and former royal property of the Tudor dynasty, Knole, in Sevenoaks, was a place of extraordinary wealth and grandeur. Now over 500 years old, this National Trust house wears the marks of six centuries of history with quiet dignity.

This history is reflected nowhere better than in the curious collections housed at Knole. Spread across various state rooms, galleries and intriguing smaller spaces, Knole’s unrivalled collections of royal Stuart furniture, textiles, portraits and tapestries have gradually been worn by light, damp, pests and time. Nevertheless they retain a humble, faded glory, whilst pieces such as the rare silver furnishings of the King’s Room proudly attest to Knole’s more prosperous past.

This March saw the opening of Knole's showrooms, offering something extra special in-store for visitors. For one year only, the Great Hall has been transformed into a glittering treasure trove, housing some of Knole's most extraordinary objects. This is an exciting opportunity for visitors to see key pieces of Knole’s collection up close for the first time. Marvel at the beautiful detail and impressive craftsmanship of these precious items, ranging from day beds to torchères and even a royal close stool! For more information on the showrooms and openings, please check the National Trust website here.


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Adults: Gift Aid: £8.50; Standard: £7.60
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