kent greeters

Looking for a unique experience that will truly make your trip memorable? Book a free welcome with a Kent Greeter and see the Garden of England from the eyes of a friendly local!

Our band of helpful and passionate volunteers are ready and waiting to share the local area they know and love so well. Taking you on a short 2-4 hour personalised walk, our greeters will introduce you to the local highlights, hidden gems and everything else that makes up their day-to-day world. 

Take advantage of their knowledge and experiences, giving you lasting cherished memories of the Garden of England.

Hand-picked depending on what you would like to see and warmly-welcoming you in your chosen language (if available), a Kent Greeter is free and will welcome parties of up to 6 people.

Please allow 5 days for us to process your request. 

To book your personalised greet, please download our booking form and then email it to

If you've been on a greet, we would love to hear how it went and encourage you to complete the visitor feedback form. Once completed you can email it back to or hand it directly to your greeter on the day.  

If you are a greeter and would like to feedback how your greet went, please download the greeter feedback form and email it back to

If you would like to enquire about becoming a Kent Greeter e-mail: